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              Hanzhong is exposed to the sun the machinery limited liability companydefers

            to the stock-company type enterprise which the modernenterprise system reorganizes,
            since had been established, propertyright defined, the legal person governs the
            structure to bereasonable. The company presently supposes department 6: Management
            management department, quality control department, technologydepartment,manufacture
            department, market department and propertymanagement department.Various departments
            lead under the science, thecorrect direction in the company, the division of labor
            is clearabout, the close cooperation, causes the company each businessmethodical
            smooth development, the company to progress day by day.Establishes the good bridge
            between the company and the staff whichmutually links up, is a modernized highly
            effective team.
            All rights reserved :Hanzhong Chaoyang Mechanical Limited Liability Company 
            Address : No.1 Chaoyang Road, Han Tai District, Hanzhong, Shaanxi province   Telephone :86-0916-2383187